You can easily arrange a tour of the club by emailing our membership chair. (S)he'll be happy to answer questions and give you a grand tour. This page contains some photos to help you get started.

You can take a video tour by clicking here.  The following images were shot randomly over the years ... some are not up to date.  The Secretary really should be updating this page more often!


View of the pool from the clubhouse balcony

View of the clubhouse from the hot tub (removed in 2016)

View of the playground just outside of the pool

Jet Ski

Jet ski docks at the west end of the inner basin

West Shelter

The view from the patio into the west shelter. There are two shelters complete with grills, sinks and refrigerators.


A balcony looks over the basin and bay towards the north. This is a great place to spend a warm afternoon, watch a thunderstorm roll in or fireworks at Dobbins Landing.

The balcony just before sunset

The mailbox for the docking permit is downstairs
next to the soda machine and between the