Updated 4/27/19



Florindo J. Flo Fabrizio- Stepfather of Members- Anthony J Sanfilippo IV and wife Allison, P/C Matthew J Sanfilippo and wife Brooke. (7/24/18)


Shirley Humphray- Mother of member Marcie Mansfield and husband Joseph. (7/17/18)


Edward M Heubel- Nephew of members David and Joan Heubel (8/2/18)


George R Banister-Brother in Law of members David and Joan Heubel (9/1/18)


Virginia M. Kupnieski Songer- Mother of member David Songer and wife Lisa (9/28/18)


Patrick Donald Kilgallon- Past member of CPYC (9/29/18)


Richard J Reisdorf- Member of CPYC (12/29/18)


Genevieve “Jennie” Irene (Danylko) Dzeskewicz- Mother of member Cheryl Stewart and husband Michael. Grandmother of member Christopher Stewart and wife Heather. (1/3/19).


Ralph Thorpe- Brother of member P/CTerry Thorp and wife Judy. (11/20/18)


Marion E. (O’Leary) Farrington- Honorary Member of CPYC, Wife of (deceased) P/C Charles Farrington (passed 2012). (1/20/19)


Robert Thomas Bujalski- Uncle of member Henry Bujalski. (1/18/19)


Patricia “Pat” Wienczkowski- Honorary Member of CPYC wife of (deceased) Charter Member of CPYC, P/C Edward “Corky” Wienczkowski. (2/13/19)


John J. (Jack) Pikiewicz Jr.-member of CPYC husband of  member Lynn Pikiewicz, father of member John (Jay) Pikiewicz IV and wife Julie and brother of Honorary Member’s: Eleanor (Bubbles) Nowak and husband P/C John Nowak. (3-1-19)


Doloris “Bola” Taccone- Mother of CPYC member, Russell Taccone and wife Sandra. (3/15/19)


P/C William “Bill” Francis Liebel Jr.- Husband of Honorary Member of CPYC Susanne Liebel (3/19/19)


Joseph Zelinski- Brother of CPYC member Ann Zelinski Hayes and husband Bob Hayes (4/9/19)


Note: The purpose of this list is to provide the Commodore Perry Yacht Club with a list of names of immediate family members, the names of extended family and special friends, that the membership desire to be remembered and included at the Memorial Day Services.


The Sunshine Committee, will send sympathy cards to the appropriate family members, upon deaths of immediate family members (husband, wife, children, mother, father, brother, sister, grandparents and grandchildren) of the membership.

To notify the sunshine committee of the death of a CPYC member or their family or friend send E-mail to: