UPDATE 10/9/18

Sean Bliley's Update Presentation given to the General Membership Meeting


Planning Committee Minutes that have been furnished


April/May minutes below for Pool & Clubhouse and Gas Dock

Clubhouse/Pool meeting.    5-17-18

Attendance: Tom & Twila Eddy, Rick Trapp, Jay & Patricia Fidorra, George Klappsinos,, Jim & Kathy Willett, Aileen Kowalski, Jeanne Konstanty

Pool concrete repairs

Pool liner replacement

Pol heater/pump replacement

Pool Led lighting

Pool furniture

Common garage/recycling containers

Propane heaters

Pool toys

Speaker system

Utilization pool wall area

Designs on how To expand the pool deck lounge area

Expand into the deck area

Attached but separate to the pool area

Bistro environment

Fixed tables


Shaded area

Removable for Memorial Day

Expand deck area to the North

Overlooking basin

Kiddy pool added

Consolidate playground, pool, deck into a common area to allow better flow and utilization of the area

Replace fencing

Pool restroom

Expand. Double size

Changing table

Close in existing area

Septic systems improved

Other items

Move entry to the east side do the club

Move main gate to east side

Gas Dock Area 4/17 meeting


  1. Request for a small piece of clear hose on pump out to see if boat is cleaned out
  2. New Pump at pump out – loses prime LRP provided quotes already dated 2017
  3. Move Pump-out location – C dock , end of N dock ?
  4. Make pump out “hard piped”
    1. Requires lift station
    2. Bury pipes?
    3. Concerns over winterization?
    4. Eliminates trailer issues


Fuel Dock

  1. Floating dock –
    1. 6’-8’ wide
  2. Better lighting
  3. Replace / rebuild fuel dock building
  4. Add diesel fuel
  5. Spill containment for fuel dock- floating booms ( pigs)
  6. Stanchion for fuel hose to reach other side of boats – so they don’t have to turn around – concerns about Masts, Rod holders and outriggers catching hose if on stanchion ??
  7. Longer fuel hose- Roll up hose holder
  8. Accept CC at fuel dock
    1. Paypal
    2. Card reader on pump
  9. Roof over fuel tank- LRP brought this up in their meeting


Mast Stepper Dock

  1. Run electric to mast stepper
  2. Take generator out there
  3. Lighting
  4. Mast storage – more – better



  1. Replace , rebuild boatswain shed
    1. Greg Daubenspeck – architect ?
  2. New Front Gate- Tom Eddy had some previous quotes Lift gate not slider
  3. Blacktop outer wall – strips
  4. Blacktop parking lot
    1. Around shelters?
    2. Sections
    3. This was previously studied by PC Runser – Dave to gather what info he had / find
  5. Playground – Discussion on LRP minutes about dangerous rubber ? PC Walt may have more info
    1. Consensus at meeting was playground was fine- Updating / repairs


Strategic Concerns Plans

  1. Fuel lines from holding tank to Fuel dock area
    1. LRP Suggested this
    2. Concerns over pipes, leaking
    3. Should be upgraded
  2. Outer Wall wash out
    1. Holes and lack of Rip Rap on east end?
    2. Holes under steel plates
    3. Place mafia blocks on outer edge
    4. Backfill with rip rap
  3. Sidewalks
    1. Safety concerns
    2. Repair – replace
    3. Square them up
    4. Add railing like East Shelter