The club maintains its own gas dock available to members during posted hours.  There is also a pump-out next to the gasoline pump.

Questions? Email our treasurer or the Gas Dock Manager.

Gas Dock Schedule 201998

You cannot pump gas without a Certified Gas Dock Attendant (CGDA) at the pump. Certification can be had from P/C Dave Runser.

Find a certified Gas Dock Attendant - click HERE.

Normal Hours of Operation (updated 4/15/19):

  • Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – 8am to 11am
  • Wednesday and Friday 6pm to 9pm
  • All shifts are 3 hours.

(Please note: If no member is scheduled to work the gas dock during the normal hours of operation, the gas dock will be closed and no fuel will be dispensed – except during lift-in/lift-out – No Exceptions!)


Who May Purchase Fuel and How to Pay:

  • Only members and registered overnight guests may purchase fuel from the CPYC Gas Dock.
  • Payment is due at the time of purchase, no exceptions.
  • Members must pay by check, payable to “CPYC.”
  • Guests must pay by $US dollar currency. There is no charge for a pump-out.

Members staffing the Gas Dock:

Members who are interested in working the Gas Dock should check the schedule (above) and contact the scheduler or by email.

The Gas Dock work flow procedures have changed. The fuel log sheet documents the updated instructions. Any questions please contact our Treasurer.