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Member Number 20130289
First Name Angela
Last Name Barsotti
4622 Buffalo Road
Erie, PA
Member Number 20130278
Phone (814) 460-6670
Address 4622 Buffalo Road
City Erie
State PA
First Name Adam
Last Name Nelson
3710 Zimmerly Road
Erie, PA
Member Number 20120157
Phone (814) 392-7137
Address 3710 Zimmerly Road
City Erie
State PA
First Name Adam
Last Name Forne
12696 Smedley Road
Waterford, PA
Member Number 20120071
Phone (814) 440-2386
Address 12696 Smedley Road
City Waterford
State PA
First Name Aileen
Last Name Kowalski
Member Number 20130288
First Name Anne
Last Name Kaye
122 Chestnut Street
Edinboro, PA
Member Number 20120034
Phone (814) 450-0399
Address 122 Chestnut Street
City Edinboro
State PA
First Name Alfred
Last Name Dore
2908 Woodview Dr
Erie, PA
Member Number 20130286
Phone (814) 602-2761
Address 2908 Woodview Dr
City Erie
State PA
First Name Amanda
Last Name Hertel
11128 Route 8
Wattsburg, PA
Member Number 20120050
Phone (814) 397-1376
Address 11128 Route 8
City Wattsburg
State PA
First Name Sandi
Last Name Glaspell
2836 East 33rd Street
Erie, Pa
Member Number 20120170
Phone (814) 899-4306
Address 2836 East 33rd Street
City Erie
State Pa
First Name Andrew
Last Name Wheeler
219 Roslyn Avenue
Erie, PA
Member Number 20120107
Phone (814) 881-1549
Address 219 Roslyn Avenue
City Erie
State PA
First Name Angela
Last Name Onderko
3510 Route 426
Findley Lake, NY
Member Number 20120073
Phone (716) 581-1122
Address 3510 Route 426
City Findley Lake
State NY
First Name Arthur
Last Name Kraszewski
2921 Flower Road
Erie, PA
Member Number 20120126
Phone (814) 450-4376
Address 2921 Flower Road
City Erie
State PA
First Name Anthony
Last Name Sanfilippo
7683 Lakewood Drive
Fairview, PA
Member Number 20120077
Phone +8144743 (041) 833-2721
Address 7683 Lakewood Drive
City Fairview
State PA
First Name Damian
Last Name Kuzmin

Here are the most current list of members

Use this (CPYC Member Directory 11_13_18) to print out the full info with past commodore list, current Board & Bridge list.  Print it 2-sided (duplex) with 2 pages per sheet and you can get it on 11 total pages.


Here is a map of the slips with location of member boats Slip Assignment Map/Basin Chart
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