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Version 5.0  6/28/18

Ad Hoc 2018 Planning Subcommittees:

CPYC Standing Committees with Chairperson(s):

Audit Sheilah Bruno
Bowling Eric Seggi
Club house scheduling and kitchen supplies Eric & Karen Seggi
Club house maintenance supplies Aileen Kowalski
Communications/Internet Secretary
Equipment Manager Jerry Nowakowski
Gas Dock
Financials Sean Bliley
Ordering/Pricing Jim Presley
Gas Dock Scheduling Gas Dock Manager
ILYA Volunteer Rep Jim Willett
Internet/Wireless Access Rick Trapp
Landscape Marci Mansfield
Lift Managers Randy McNaughton/Dave Moore
Membership Jim Willett
Points Keepers Paul Novak, John Onderko
Quarter Master Janice Friedrichsmeyer & Jim Shaut
Reciprocal Agreements Secretary
Member Profile Database/Basin Map/Roster Rick Trapp
Pool Area Joe Passerotti
Rules Chris Stewart
Safety Dave Runser
Security/Access Dick Babo
Sunshine (Deaths/Memorial Day) Joni and David Heubel
Ice Machine Donations Dana Anderson
Work Party Lunches Christine Schafer
West Shelter Manager Allison Sanfilippo
Property tax assessment and appeal PC Matt Sanfilippo, Sean Bliley
Directory Advertising