This is where all the notes and business of the Planning Committees will appear!

UPDATE 11/14/18


UPDATE (10/9/18)

Sean Bliley's General Membership Planning Process Update Presentation

2017 Download Planning Committee Survey and Presentation

All other Planning Committee Minutes are HERE

Planning Committee Structure and Chairpersons (Updated April 2018)

We all identified 6 areas of concentration.  Each area has been formed around a study committee lead by an appointed chairperson.  The goal for each is to come up with a priority list and plan within a 5-10-year horizon beginning in fiscal 2019.  The Bridge and Board will be layering in critical-path deadlines to keep things on track but the committees have total freedom to brainstorm and prioritize.

Basic tenets:

  • Committee chairs are to organize a committee consisting of fellow members. No limit to the number on the committee.
  • The committee is to develop a list of projects unique to their capital area focus. The list of projects should minimize any overlap with other committees. Coordination with other committees is critical to avoid overlaps (Committee Chairs will coordinate).
  • The projects should meet the requirements set in the club’s mission.
  • The committee, after identifying projects, will provide a cost estimate of each project. The cost estimate is to be supported with quotes and other documentation.

Once committee work is finished things will be handed over to the Bridge and Board for budget allocation.  Major opportunities and threats (Purchasing our club from the Port, large-equipment replacement or emergency expenses) are always part of the ongoing conversation but not specifically be covered in any individual committee.

If you have an interest in one or more of these areas of concentration please raise your hand and email the chairperson.  Expect to hear more about all of this at future meetings.

DRAFT Proposed Aggressive Timeline

  • APRIL 2018: The committee should be established by the end of April 2018.
  • JULY 2018:  An initial project list, with some project detail and attached cost estimates, is to be forwarded to the board secretary no later than the July 2018 Bridge and Board meeting.
  • AUGUST 2018:  1-2 committee members of each committee will attend the August 2018 Bridge and Board meeting to present their initial plan. The Board and Bridge may alter the plan after consulting with committee representatives.
  • SEPTEMBER 2018:  The Bridge and Board will review and prepare their initial approval of projects and proposed timelines at the September 2018 Bridge and Board meeting.
  • OCTOBER 2018: The board will share a summary of the committee recommendations along with the proposed timing of each project at the October 2018 general membership meeting.
  • NOVEMBER 2018: Based on member feedback from the October 2018 general membership meeting, the bridge and board will discuss and provide its recommendation no later than the November Bridge and Board meeting.
    • The end result will be a five or ten-year capital plan.
  • JANUARY 2019: The capital plan will then be presented to the membership at the January 2019 general membership meeting. The membership will then vote on the plan.
  • The FY19 budget will incorporate the capital plan.